Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Poem For Rasulullah SAW


Oh, how my heart yearns
To see the one
Called the Best of Creation!

To sit by his noble feet
And feel the tranquility
That radiates from
His blessed body

Oh, how my heart aches
To see the one who has saved
Mankind through his intercession
On Judgment Day

His blessed words
Were like rains from the heavens
His manners were
Absolute and complete perfection

Oh, how my heart bleeds
For I have this desperate need
To feel his presence and
His blessings, indeed!

Every action of his was filled with Barakah, blessings
Every inch of him shone with Noor, light
A sigh of longing escapes from my lips
How I would love to see this sight!

Oh, how my heart longs
To be near the one
Who brought hope to a place
Where hopelessness reigned

To his Creator he had
A flawless submission
His perfect existence
Transcends human definition

Though I, in vain, attempt
To praise him and his perfect behavior
Surely no one can praise him better
Than his own Maker:

Ya Habib Allah, the Beloved of Allah!
Ya Bab Allah, the Door to Allah!
Ya Rasulullah, Messenger of Allah!

My eyes cannot help but cry
Bitter tears as I realize
My pitiful state of love
For the Beloved of Allah!

Always remember him...

- Poem reciting memories -

Salam Ukhuwwah Fillah
Mahfuzah Hamizah


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