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'Dangerous Dengue'


Sebentar tadi saya telah digigit oleh makhluk kecik, Si Nyamuk a.k.a mosquito. Berkemungkinan nyamuk ni, nyamuk Aedes kerana badannya yang berbelang putih. Ish! Nauzubillah.. Mungkin juga tidak kerana Aedes selalunya aktif pada waktu senja, padahal saya kena gigit pada waktu Isya'.. Tengok nyamuk ni, teringat dekat cerita 'Dangerou Dengue' yang Teacher Rosnani, my English teacher in Year 6, buat sempena Pertandingan Bercerita BI untuk Konvensyen Doktor Muda 2011.. Segar lagi di ingatan saya.. So, saya nak share cerita tu kat blog ni.. 


Thank you to the chairperson…Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…In the name of Allah The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful…Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to the respectful  teachers and all my fellow friends…I’m Mahfuzah Hamizah bt  Mohd Ariff from Class 1 Ibnu Sina. Today, I’m going to tell you a story about “The Danger of Dengue Fever”. Please kindly lend me your ears.
           One fine day, there is a mosquito singing happily in the kitchen. “Whoa, you look happy. Have you won the lottery?” the cockroach asked Aedes, the mosquito who seemed too happy, singing with ultimate joy.
         “Oh, Roach! It’s you! You scared me! Didn’t you know, 3 of Pak Jali’s family members had dengue fever? I was the one who gave them dengue!” announced Aedes, full of pride.              
          “Oh, is that so? Are you sure? How did you do that?” asked the cockroach curiously. “Hahaha…Why are you so slow? I’m Aedes and I carry the virus of dengue fever. In one bite I could suck 2 to 4 milligram of human blood. I like to lay eggs in clear water. See for yourself! Pak Jali’s house is full of empty cans and old tyres, plus the drains are clogged too! This is where me and my Aedes family belong. We find Pak Jali’s house as a great heaven!” explained Aedes so excitedly.         
            “Hey, you’re right! I love Pak Jali’s house too! Full of leftovers here. See, they don’t cover their dishes and cooking pot. That’s my part…” said the cockroach. “By the way, how are Pak Jali’s family members doing? Are they getting any better?” asked the cockroach. “Not yet. They are still warded. One of them is critical. He’s down with dengue hemorragic fever. Blood rashes through his blood capillaries.” explained Aedes.                    
            “What a pity!” The cockroach expressed his sympathy. “Why do we have to feel pity? It is clearly their fault. They do not care about their own cleanliness. They deserve dengue! Stop it, Roach! Chatting with you is a waste of time. I’m going now. I’ve got to find more careless human. I’d like to suck more and more blood. Lalalala…” Aedes flew away, leaving the cockroach, singing along the way.

Do you know what happened to Pak Jali’s family in the hospital?  
               Yes, my friends. Pak Jali and Mak Minah are very sad to see the three of their children being quarantined for dengue fever. They have been at the hospital for a few days now. The children whom they hope for their future are now struggling to live.
               Ravi, Bong Seng and Salmah visited Amin, Pak Jali’s son. Outside the ward, they met with Pak Jali and Mak Minah. When they asked about Amin’s condition, Mak Minah’s eyes were welled with tears.
               “How’s Amin, uncle?” asked Ravi. “I don’t know Ravi, but the doctor said, he is in critical condition. He is being quarantined. We are not allowed to visit him. We could only observe him from outside the glass window. The doctor is afraid that we would get infected with dengue too.” explained Pak Jali, in a sad and sobbing voice. 
                “Poor Amin. How about his brothers?” asked Salmah. “His brothers are okay. They are not in critical condition. But the doctor said, their symptoms are not serious and it won’t cause death if treated earlier.” explained Pak Jali answering Salmah’s question. “Take it easy, Pak Jali. Let us all pray so  that Amin will get well soon.” Salmah added in her sad voice.                   
                Because they can’t visit Amin at his ward, Ravi, Salmah and Bong Seng asked the doctor about Amin’s situation. The doctor explained that Amin is in critical condition. His kidneys had failed to function. Dengue fever is very dangerous. For a patient with dengue hemorrhagic fever, his or her internal organs cannot function well, and usually the vital internal organs will be bleeding.           
                  “Doctor, how do we get dengue fever, doctor?” asked the curious Ravi. “Well, actually, dengue fever happens once we are bitten by the Aedes mosquito. The Aedes mosquito carries the dengue fever virus. The virus will get into our blood circulation through the bite. In 4 to 5 days of the early symptoms, the patients will face high fever and have trouble sleeping. Normally, they will have headaches too. Soon after the fever goes away, in day 6 to 7, they will not show any more symptoms. However, this is the most critical stage. Blood can rush out of the blood capillaries anytime. It could cause death.” the doctor explained in detail.
                    “Doctor, what are the symptoms of dengue fever?” asked Bong Seng inquisitively. The doctor smiled to the three friends who were affable. He mentioned the usual symptoms are like sudden high fever, severe pain on bones, muscle, joints, eyes, headache and skin rash. Other than that, the patients will lose appetite, always vomiting and have stomach ache.                     
                    “Ewww! That’s bad! Is there any treatment for such terrible illness?” asked Salmah. “Actually, there’s no vaccine to cure it. However, there are certain measures to prevent it.” said the doctor. “How is that, doctor?” asked Ravi. “Well kids, preventive measures that can be done inside and outside our houses to curb the breeding ground of mosquitoes is keeping the house compound clean. We have to constantly check our gutter which is the main breeding ground. We can use Aerosol spray. Put abate in water container, and always change the water in flower vase and swimming pool every week.” explain the doctor before leaving them. The 3 friends were very satisfied with that explanation.
Dear friends, do you want to know what is the ending of this story?                       
                    In the end, Amin, Pak Jali’s son passed away at the age of 13. Although Pak Jali and Mak Minah cried solemnly, but “there is no use crying over spilt milk.”
                    My dear friends, let’s take this story seriously. Clean the compound of your house. Stop Aedes from breeding! No Aedes, no dengue. That’s all from me today, thank you

-----------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------

Tahun 2012, sekali lagi saya guna cerita ni untuk Story Telling Competition SMKAM..

#ThankYouTeacher, ForTheStoryThatGiveMeVictory

Salam Ukhuwwah Fillah
Mahfuzah Hamizah


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