Saturday, 16 March 2013

O tanjō-bi Omedetōgozaimasu To Me

Alhamdulillah..! I'm FORTEEN..

Assalamualaikum.. 13/03/13 lepas adalah BIRTHDAY saya! Syukur atas nikmat Allah kerana saya masih bernafas, menjalani kehidupan dengan normal dan sihat wal afiat.

 A card from Along


And Abg Am..

Words from angah

Time grows fast. weather we realize or not. she'd become 13 on March,13 2013. a new start for a new journey. we always have an image of little Ijah in our mind. feeling that she'll always being our little sister. but she'd grown up. being a girl, with her own dream. catching her new experiences of life. building her own identity..

Dear sister,

Happy 14th Birthday!!
fly my girl. sharpen your wing and explore the sky. curve your own story at the cloud and speed up your engine to reach your dream. we will always support you.

your sister..
Mahfuzah Hazirah Ariff,
Makassar,13 March 2013

Words from Abg Am

Selamat Hari Lahir buat adikku.. Moga Allah sentiasa memberkahimu.. Jadilah wanita yang didambakan islam. Moga kejayaan dan kebahagiaan sentiasa mengiringimu.

Words from Along

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little sister.. May Allah bless u. i love you like i always do.. ♥

Salam Ukhuwwah Fillah
Mahfuzah Hamizah


  1. hey kenapa kata2 along yang plaing pendek ni..? hahaha